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Founded 2002


Zapphire partners with the most exciting companies in business today and helps them identifying and recruit game changing talent. Our market knowledge, extensive network and industry-leading search techniques have facilitated tremendous success for our clients and candidates.
Over the past year COVID has changed the way we work. Zapphire has helped both companies and candidates navigate this challenging time. 

With 100% remote work the new normal, finding and hiring skilled talent who understands your business is more important than ever before. 

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Executive Search

It is a significant challenge for a company to recover from the fall out which comes with hiring leadership that doesn't deliver. The effort to find leaders who challenge the status quo, inspire their people to maximize their potential and shoot for the stars while defining and leading upward growth strategies is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Our executive search practice will identify and recruit these individuals and identify the strongest opportunity that fit their skill set for long term prosperity.Your leadership needs are our top priority, Our proven recruitment models allow clients to optimize resources, confidently engage their target market, and attract the individuals who will make the most of an organizations potential.

Contract Staffing

Each day a requirement is open is a day the business is not firing on all cylinders. Demand to minimize hiring times is immense. It is critical that businesses engage intelligent, efficient contract hiring solutions to accelerate corporate strategy, optimize resources, and ensure time and money invested is allocated in the best means possible.

Zapphire can help you confidently meet temporary hiring goals quickly and to the standard your business demands.

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Confidentially exploring market opportunities? Are you interested in how other organizations value your skill set, or testing the waters to see what's out there? Wondering about the best tactics to employ during zoom/Skype interviews? We can help elevate your search while keeping you abreast of situations that meet your criteria. We will fine tune your approach to secure a great opportunity. For over 17 years we have helped more than 800 Mid to Senior level executives identify better opportunities allowing them to advanced their careers and grow professionally.

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Ranked in top 1% of Creative Recruitment nationally

If your aware of a way we could receive an Addy, Clio, Ex Award, or Webby for recruiting teams responsible for the creation and execution of world class advertising sign us up, we have the case studies to prove it.

Our technology recuitment practice was named top US vendor by a F50 corporation

That was quite an honor. Although most of the tech companies we work with today are in the $50 million to $500 million range we will meet leadership demands of any organization

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Dan Peterson

Dan Peterson is a distinguished force in the talent acquisition community with nearly twenty years of corporate recruiting experience. He has managed successful talent acquisition programs for world-class organizations, and helped start-ups quickly become competitive. Since Founding Zapphire in 2002, Dan has completed over 550 Senior level staffing assignments. His early career saw him quickly rise through the ranks at Inteliant from 99-01, where he was instrumental in expanding the agencies footprint in the Bay Area. After only two years in the search business Dan was recruited to join Computer Strategies as Director of Corporate Recruiting. There he rapidly expanded the agencies customer base and grew revenue 3x in his first year with the organization. Since that time Zapphire has consistently been ranked among the top independent recruitment agencies in the country and Dan continues to drive agency strategy and ensure the our service levels, with both clients and candidates, are nothing short of stellar.


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Question - How do you feel about going back into the office full time once we’re past this? Will you evaluate an opportunity that does not offer remote work?  We’d love to hear from you.

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